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Bringing Slow Food to Savannah

13 Apr

by Green Gourmet K

Have y’all heard of the Slow Food movement?  Well, I had not until a couple of years ago.  The movement was born in Italy and grew into an international organization that supports good, clean and fair food for all.  Slow Food is all about eating local, seasonal food from sources that do not harm the environment, animal welfare or human health.

The Slow Food Manifesto was signed at the inception of the organization and it serves as a declaration against standardized food choices and a fast lifestyle:

“Born and nurtured under the sign of Industrialization, this century first invented the machine and then modelled its lifestyle after it. Speed became our shackles. We fell prey to the same virus: ‘the fast life’ that fractures our customs and assails us even in our own homes, forcing us to ingest “fast- food”.

Homo sapiens must regain wisdom and liberate itself from the ‘velocity’ that is propelling it on the road to extinction. Let us defend ourselves against the universal madness of ‘the fast life’ with tranquil material pleasure. Against those – or, rather, the vast majority – who confuse efficiency with frenzy, we propose the vaccine of an adequate portion of sensual gourmandise pleasures, to be taken with slow and prolonged enjoyment.

Appropriately, we will start in the kitchen, with Slow Food. To escape the tediousness of “fast-food”, let us rediscover the rich varieties and aromas of local cuisines.
In the name of productivity, the ‘fast life’ has changed our lifestyle and now threatens our environment and our land (and city) scapes. Slow Food is the alternative, the avant-garde’s riposte.

Real culture is here to be found. First of all, we can begin by cultivating taste, rather than impoverishing it, by stimulating progress, by encouraging international exchange programs, by endorsing worthwhile projects, by advocating historical food culture and by defending old-fashioned food traditions.

Slow Food assures us of a better quality lifestyle. With a snail purposely chosen as its patron and symbol, it is an idea and a way of life that needs much sure but steady support.”

I love that.  We all need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy food for the pleasure and health of it.   But Slow Food is so much more.

This is from the Slow Food USA site:  “Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.”

Many cities have their own chapters and in Columbia and Charleston, SC the Slow Food chapters are a wealth of information on where to eat and buy local food.  The chapters can be adapted to the needs and culture of that city.  These organizations do an incredible job of connecting growers, producers, chefs, and consumers from all walks of life.   Many of them are also involved in basic food education and outreach.

When I moved to lovely Savannah I was floundering in my search for quality sources of local food.  I searched for their Slow Food chapter and was surprised to find they did not have one.   The website said “Savannah Slow Food – looking for new leadership,” and that was all the prompting I needed.  I emailed the Slow Food USA folks and they hooked me up with a small group of dedicated individuals that were also interested in establishing a chapter.   So off we go!

Two of the ladies who have really gotten the chapter off the ground are very talented individuals, I hope you will check out their blogs:

Inquisitive Appetite

Well Savannah

But here’s the big news . . .

Slow Food Savannah was officially established yesterday! Our big, public debut is this Saturday at the Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market.  We will be there at 9:00am and looking forward to speaking with anyone interested in supporting this new organization.  If you’re in Savannah, I hope you’ll come by.  We would love to share ideas, figure out the needs of the community, and help build connections that will support good, clean and fair food for all in Savannah.


SC Restaurant Week Follow-Up

19 Jan

by Green Gourmet K

So where has everyone eaten during Restaurant Week in SC? What was good? What was amazing?

I went to Terra in Columbia with some dear friends. The early birds, including the husband and I, got there and had a drink at the bar. Terra has a lovely drink menu that has several original and tasty martinis. I had one of their Andy’s Famous Marinis ($3 from 5-7pm EVERY NIGHT!) and the bartender was gracious enough to make it a little dirty for me. Hehe – refraining from cracking jokes on myself here.

I took some horrendous phone pictures, that do not do justice to our lovely meal. I consider this a lesson in restaurant photography. Next time, I will bring a larger purse with my Nikon because a place like Terra with romantic dim lighting is no good for taking food shots. Yes, I will be that person with the big camera photographing their food. I mean what’s the point of blogging about your food adventures if you don’t get nice pictures, right?

Everything below was from Terra’s Restaurant Week Menu

First Course

She Crab Soup

BBQ Lamb Shoulder Stuffed Mac and Cheese Gratin with Poblano Peppers, Fontina, Goat Cheese

Second Course

Seared South Carolina White Shrimp with

Fennel, Leek, Blood Orange Cous Cous, Blood Orange Butter


Grilled Veal Hanger Steak with

Parsnip Puree, Wild Mushrooms, Haricots Vert, Madeira Jus


Crispy Ashley Farms Chicken Breast with

Oyster/Andouille Dressing, Bourbon Jus



Third Course

Le Kit Kat

Pistachio Crème Brulee

Don’t forget Restaurant Week runs through this weekend! If you don’t want to shell out the $30, at least go to Terra and get a $3 martini and order the mac and cheese. You can thank me later.



Foodies Rejoice! It’s Restaurant Week in SC

12 Jan

by Green Gourmet K

All across South Carolina foodies are giddy contemplating the offerings for Restaurant Week.  From January 14th-22nd restaurants in South Carolina will be offering specials and deals to entice new customers to try the cuisine at their establishment.   Many of these restaurants will offer three course price fixed menus for around $25-30 per person.  As many of you likely know, Charleston has become quite a food mecca.  Columbia, the state’s capital, is giving Charleston a run for its money though as a place to have a fantastic culinary experience.  So if you are anywhere near or in South Carolina get yourself to at least one of these restaurants, let the chefs impress you and then go back for more after restaurant week.

Last year I went to Momo’s on Devine for restaurant week and our meal was really lovely, at only $30 for three courses of beautifully executed dishes.

Look what Momo’s is offering this year – 3 for $30:

Appetizer (select one)

  • Prince Edward Island Mussels-Whole grain mustard and white wine jus
  • Roasted Beet Salad-Roasted Beets, goat cheese, mixed greens, raspberry vinaigrette

Main Course (select one)

  • Chicken and Hand Torn Pasta-Roasted Chicken, hand torn pasta, asparagus, oven roasted tomatoes, gorgonzola cream sauce
  • Cornbread and Sausage Stuffed Quail-Stuffed Quail, applewood smoked cheddar grits, asparagus, creamy tasso gravy

Dessert (select one)

  • Crème Brulee Fallen
  • Chocolate Souffle Cake

PEI Mussels with whole grain mustard and white wine sauce?! Salivating . . .

Look here for the participating restaurants:  Restaurant Week South Carolina

I noticed they just added a few since yesterday so if your favorite restaurant isn’t on there yet I would call the restaurant and ask.  Terra, one of my favorite places to eat in Columbia, is not on this list but I plan to call today and see is they’re participating.

If you are wise, and live in Charleston, you would have eaten nothing but carrot sticks all through the holidays and saved all your calorie-splurging for dining out during Restaurant Week.  I’ll admit, if I were there this weekend instead of Columbia I would be having a very hard time deciding where to eat.   But if I were in Charleston next week here’s my list of places I would be knocking people over to get to (in no particular order):

  • Tristan
  • La Fourchette
  • McCrady’s
  • Muse
  • Cypress
  • Circa 1886
  • Fulton-Five
  • Grill 225
  • Hall’s Chophouse
  • High Cotton
  • Anson’s
  • Charleston Grill

I look at that list and my mind is befuddled with the possibilities for fantastic meals.

For instance, let’s look at Fulton-Five‘s menu for Restaurant Week, which includes a glass of wine!

Antipasti (First Course)

  • Prosciutto mozzarella wrapped in romaine leaf, grilled, warm tomato balsamic vin
  • Creamy Potato and Garlic Soup, with pancetta, parm, truffle oil
  • Grilled mushrooms over spinach with truffle parm vin and asiago
  • Bruschetta del Giorno
  • Mussels with white wine, fregola, tomato, scallion, lemoncello cream

Secondi (Second Course)

  • Traditional Bolognese and Tagliatelle  – Shrimp, shallots, sundried tomato, spinach, basil pesto and tagliatelle
  • Lamb sausage mushrooms, speck, swiss chard, parm cream and papparedelle
  • Risotto with roasted tomato, pepeoncini, olives, goat cheese
  • Mushroom ravioli with gorgonzola fondue

Dolce (Third Course)

  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • Gelato del Giorno
  • Sorbetto del Giorno

* $35 per person
includes glass of wine. tax and grauity not included.

So are you drooling on your keyboard yet?  Get yourself to South Carolina ASAP, and if you’r already there, count yourself as one extremely fortunate foodie.