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Green Truck Pub – Best Burger in Town

3 Mar

by Green Gourmet K

I am right at home at Green Truck Pub, I am ready to move in and eat their fries everyday.  Thankfully, the owners and my wallet would likely not allow me to do this.  Have you ever walked into a place and thought “yeah . . . this is MY kind of place”?  This has happened to me a few times, once several years ago at a My Morning Jacket concert (most of the people there were laid-back, hippie types and there were an inordinate amount of tall people – I am tall so this was awesome) and then again at Green Truck.  We walked in and the vibe from the place was artsy, friendly and relaxed, and customers were lining up that fine Saturday afternoon for a delicious, hormone-free grass-fed beef burger with fresh cut fries.  They make a lot of things from scratch at Green Truck and it’s unexpected because how many restaurants do you know that take the time to make their own condiments?  For instance, the ketchup at Green Truck is made in house and is a little different, it’s not Heinz, but I like it, it definitely tastes more fresh and less sugary sweet.

I decided to go to Green Truck for the second time last night.  Now that I am doing my “protein-type” meals I am a little apprehensive about eating out but Green Truck is one place I knew I could go and not worry about it.  I ordered the Rustico burger (with beef from Brooklet, GA).  The sources of their meats and other ingredients are right on their menu.  This burger is topped with goat cheese, caramelized onions, thin slices of roasted red pepper and fresh basil.  It was delicious, even minus the large bun.  I also had their Farm Truck salad on the side with the ranch dressing they make right there in the back, no gross processed ranch dressing there.

Green Truck also has a great rotating draft beer selection, along with an extensive bottled beer list.  They have some nice wine selections too but when having a burger a beer is usually in order.  Last night I tried the Wild Heaven Belgian Style Golden Ale and it was the perfect light, fruity accompaniment to my Rustico burger.  Wild Heaven is brewed in Decatur, GA so again, another great “local” item available at Green Truck.

See the full menu here.  Their website also updates regularly with specials, like a Kimchi burger, or the latest addition to their beer selection.  If you’re in Savannah, permanently or temporarily, you must stop here for a burger, it’s worth the wait.


Back in the Day Bakery

5 Dec

by Green Gourmet K

Old fashioned cupcake from Back in the Day

When I initially moved to Savannah I did a little online research to find out the best places to eat and hang out.  Back in Day Bakery came up time and time again.  Locals and tourists alike – people love this place!  It is easy to see why too.

When the husband came into town a couple weeks ago we went by there to try one of their cupcakes (they are known for their old-fashioned style cupcakes).  I tried a classic, white cake with chocolate frosting, and of course husband snagged the last red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  These cupcakes were delicious!  I have tried a few cupcakes in my day (hello Magnolia Bakery in New York City and Cupcake in Charleston, SC).  The cake part was light and airy and the chocolate frosting was smooth and flavorful.  I confess I did not get to try the red velvet because sometimes the husband does not share too well with others, especially when it is something very delicious.

The decor is very fun – old fashioned kitchen items have been collected and decorate the whole space and some items are even for sale.  The staff all wear retro style aprons and since I love aprons this was a detail that really caught my eye.

Red velvet cupcake from Back in the Day.

While there we perused the lovely case of breads they have and bought a rosemary ciabatta.  It was insanely good!  This was the real star of the day for me.  I loved the cupcakes but that bread was heavenly.   When I go back, because I most certainly will, I will get some photos of the interior and the breads.