One of the Best Meals Ever

23 Mar

by Green Gourmet L



One would not assume culinary greatness when passing this on the street . It’s located on 17th and P, pretty much right behind our apartment, above a dry cleaners and sandwiched between a CVS and Dunkin’ Donuts. But oh my, what treasures await. It’s no wonder that the Washingtonian rated it as the best restaurant in DC. Not to mention that I had to call one month (exactly) ahead of time and spend 45 minutes redialing and hearing a busy signal before I was able to make a reservation. And, the Obamas have been there. So you know it’s got to be worth leaving your house for.

Komi is a mediterranean inspired bevy of small bites, consisting of lots of crudo/sashimi, interesting combinations (strawberry sumac lollipop), and course after course of culinary delights. Happy 30th Birthday to Mr. Green Gourmet!

The inside is clean looking, not at all pretentious. We dressed up for the occasion, but I would have felt just as comfortable wearing jeans. But when you’re dropping lots of hard earned money, I like to do it in a dress.

One of the best wines I’ve ever tasted, which came as Mr. GG’s  first wine pairing:

Punkt Genau Sparkling Gruner Veltliner

This is a sparkling Gruner Veltliner, which is a rarity. If you have never tried a Gruner Veltliner, you should definitely look for it next time you are in a wine store (I’ve never seen it at the grocery store). It’s an Australian wine which is light and crisp (think apples, peaches, floral but not too fruity). It tends to be light and crisp, and with bubbles it’s about to rival my favorite prosecco. And for around $15-18 bottle, totally worth trying!

Here were some of the food highlights:

Mascarpone stuffed roasted date with sea salt. Just about everyone and his mom has written about the dates from Komi. And with good reason. If only I could replicate these at home, we would no longer need to eat out. I could survive on these alone.

Sea urchin crostini with mustard butter

Braised goat shoulder with house make pita and accompaniments

House made sea salt caramels with fresh squeezed lemon juice

And our ending treat was the aforementioned lollipop

Of course there were a few misses, but overall an extremely memorable foodie experience. I can barely believe that the chef  (Johnny Monis) that conceptualizes all of this is our age. Wow.



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