Sweet (Non-Food) Products

22 Dec

by Green Gourmet K

For a little change of pace, and since you all may want to think about something other than food (only for a brief moment, I hope), I thought I’d share some of my favorite new products. I hope that they might become your favorite products too.

While searching for a new perfume I came across Pacifica products at my local Earthfare (an earth-friendly grocery store).  I try to find and buy ‘green’ products when I can and sometimes they turn out to be much better than the original, not-so-green, product you are replacing.  This is one such situation: the Pacifica perfumes smell incredible, and the price point for the perfumes is better or equal to what you might pay in a department store.  I also love that you can mix or layer their scents on your body to create your own individual scent.

The Pacifica products have minimal packaging and what packaging there is, such as the box the perfume or body butter comes in, is made of recyclable materials.  The Portland, Oregon-based company professes to be committed to the environment, by aiming for zero-waste in their product manufacturing and using local suppliers and manufacturers.  They do not test on animals and their products are completely vegan (no animal parts).  This is all music to my ears.

My local store had about six or seven Pacifica scents and I found one I loved, Lotus Garden.  With a name like Lotus Garden, how can it be bad?  In fact, the names of all of their scents are great; how about Tunisian Jasmine, Persian Rose, Mediteranean Fig, Tuscan Blood Orange, Avalon Juniper, or Thai Lemongrass?

The other scents reminded me of certain ladies I know, so my mom and mother-in-law each ended up getting a tin of the solid perfume for Christmas last year.  The tin of perfume is a great option if you travel or are shipping a present.  One of them got Green Fig and one got Sandalwood.

Recently I tried the Pacifica body butters and lotions and they are just as wonderful as the perfumes.  The ingredients are things like shea butter, safflower oil, Vitamins A and E.  I know a few people who may be getting Tuscan Blood Orange lotion or Hawaiian Ruby Guava body butter, if I can part with them.

I really like these products, and if you’re still looking for a gift for someone for the holidays, or for no special reason at all, check them out.  If you can’t find them at your local store, they can be ordered on their website.  Right now they have free shipping and a free roller ball scent if you spend $25.  The Pacifica line is also on sale at Earthfare right now.

Disclaimer:  Pacifica is not paying us or even giving us products to say any of this (although we wish they would), this is our unbiased opinion.


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